Girls FAQ’s

  1. Will a certified medical trainer be present during the tournament? Yes, there will be a certified medical staff present at all times.
  2. How will players be put onto teams? 
Our staff will place players on teams based by position.
  3. Who will coach the teams?
 Each Showcase team will be coached by at least one current college coach.
  4. How will the college coaches know how to contact a player?
 Each coach in attendance will be provided with a handbook with the player’s jersey number and contact information.
  5. What should players bring?
   1) Back up stick
  2) Tape if you will need anything taped before participation
  3) Water bottle (water will be provided but bring your own as well)
  6. Is this showcase open to anyone?
 Any athlete may sign up. The showcase is only restricted based on position and event size.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at